Flamenco Metronome Sevilla Soft : MFSS and MFSSv2
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New versions of Flamenco Metronome, MFSS and MFSSv2 incorporate a new firmware that allows easy installation without drivers on any version of Windows, including the current Windows 8.
MFSS _PROF for Mac OsX available for all Flamenco Metronome users, you can get it from Downloads page.

Here a video explain how to work:

Metrónomo Flamenco Sevilla Soft , versión completa y sólo software.

The full version of Flamenco Metronome MFSS consists of two parts: one is a small device with graphic display, keyboard and USB connection that operates completely independently, and the other is a program that runs under Windows XP/VISTA/7/8 or Mac OSX 10.5 and later.

Package Contents:
Buy MFSS full version.

MFSS v2 software only version is the program for Windows or Mac and a USB key that allows the use of it. Both models now includes the new software MFSS _PROF.

Package Contents:
Buy MFSS v2 just software.

To practice, learn, teach compass. All flamenco palos preprogrammed with several variants of each measure, closings, foreclosures, called ... Program a topic flamenco metronome and accompany you while you play. Accelerates or slows down progressively. Feel the beat.

MFSS features

Guia rápida del Metr´ronomo

Made by Sevilla Soft.

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