Posted by admin on December 22 2010 09:57:30
Sevilla Soft, still betting on the development and application of new technologies for teaching and dissemination of flamenco, has been named as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. They have created a powerful Windows and Mac OsX software to be added for free to the two models of flamenco metronome, MFSS and MFSSv2.

On the download page you will find the installer program.

For all those who already know the program ACOMPAS_MFSS, we can say that the new software called MFSS_PROF has the same philosophy of performance but improves the quality in all aspects and we can import the files made with ACOMPAS_MFSS.

MFSS_PROF also includes a virtual flamenco guitar allow us to:

-Learn chords.
-Importing MIDI files.
-Write tablature.
-Play alone or with percussion.
-Compose falseta on time.
-Use nut to adjust the pitch to sing.
-Use different styles rhythmic templates.
-Tune different (as in Rondeña).
- And much more ...

ACOMPAS_MFSS is limited to the processing capabilities and memory of Flamenco Metronome (track number 8, number of instruments 16, 22050 Hz sampling frequency, the sound intensities of 0 to 3, etc. ..), because it was designed to update the Flamenco Metronome and upload it our own songs and rhythmic formulas.

MFSS_PROF is designed to operate only on the PC, so you get to use a greater number of percussion instruments with CD quality, greater number of tracks, etc ...
Among others, these are some differences between the two applications:

Tracks 8 16+1(guitar)
Percussion instruments 16 35 or more
Intensities 4 (0 a 3)
8 (0 a 7)
Sound quality
22050 Hz 16-bits
44100 Hz 16-bits (CD quality)
Flamenco guitar
Individual volume control for each track NO YES
Individual panoramic control for each track NO YES

Here's an example. Ímpetu of Mario Escudero on the virtual flamenco guitar. From an imported MIDI file, the program generates the tablature for guitar and is mounted over a bulerías compass.