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Posted by admin on July 13 2012 13:19:57
Metrónomo Flamenco para iPhone
This application is much more than just a metronome, is a flamenco drum machine with stereo sound and high quality percussion instruments.
When you play the guitar, sing or dance, you feel like you really percussionists accompany a perfect compass.

All Flamenco palos in three difficulty levels: Low, Medium or High.
Metronome classic with compasses from 1 to 12 beats and combinations of different accents.
It has 35 percussion instruments on 16 tracks:
You will see on your screen the beat you are at all times, and accented distinguishing to normal times.
Combine the sound of a metronome with programmable time-hit, two, three, four, five or check only the accented beats. Select the metronome sound from the list of 35 instruments and mix it with percussion at the level you want.
Connect it to your computer via WIFI through MFSS_PROF application for Windows or Mac OSX. You can compose new rhythms and send them to the application.
Connect to your Hi-Fi for maximum quality.

Descargar Manual de uso (Español)
Download user manual (English)
Télécharger le manuel d'utilisation (Français)

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