Brazilian Beats for iPad
Posted by admin on May 30 2013 11:49:14
Brazilian Beats para iPad All the richness of Brazilian rhythms and timbre of their instruments together in this application.
Drum machine, sequencer and metronome which includes the most representative rhythmic bases of Brazilian popular music with 26 rhythms and 207 styles of different rhythmic variations:

Baião, Batucada Mangueira, Batucada Padre Miguel, Bossa Nova, Candomblé Barra Vento, Candomblé Cabula, Candomblé Congo, Candomblé Ijexá, Capoeira Angola, Capoeira São Bento Pequeno, Capoeira Tico-Tico, Côco, Frevo 1, Frevo 2, Funk Jequibau, Maracatú, Samba en 3, Samba en 7, Samba Funk, Samba Jequibau, Samba Pagode, Samba Partido Alto, Samba Reage, Timbalada, Xaxado and Xote.

Real Sound of Brazilian percussion and drum set with 210 different sounds:

Afuxe, Agogo, Apito, Atabaque, Bass Drums, Berimbau, Bongo, Cajón, Campana, Caxixi, Chasquido dedos, Chequere, Clave, Conga, Crash, Cuica, Darbuka, Djembé, Flat ride Cymbal, Frigidera, Gan, Ganza, Golpe madera, Hithat, Paila, Palma, Pandeiro, Platillos marcha, Repinique, Repique de mao, Ride cymbal, ridebell, Ring snare, Semillas, Snare, Splash, Surdo, Tacón, Talking drum, Tamborim, Timbau, Tom, Triángulo, Udu and Zabumba

Features 32 tracks with individually control of pan, volume, mute and solo for each track to generate awesome stereo sound.
Choose the exact speed from 20-400 BPM. Accelerates or slows gradually.
You will see on your screen the beat where you are at all times, and accented distinguishing to normal times.
Combine the sound of a metronome with programmable time-hit, two, three, four, five or check only the accented beats. Select the metronome sound from a list with 210 sounds and mix it with percussion at the level you want.
Connect it to your computer via WIFI through Brazilian Beats application for Windows. You can compose new rhythms and send them to the application.
Connect to your Hi-Fi for maximum quality.
Displays the score of each track. With this application you can learn to play or you can serve percussion accompainment to play other instruments..

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